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  1. Logic

    Crossbar trick

    Anytime Big man, also if you want you can ask some of your other cazzo suckers to like your posts so that it seems you are the real big man here 😂
  2. Logic

    Crossbar trick

    Great BIG man 😂😂🤣🤣
  3. Logic

    Crossbar trick

    Its hard for you to understand, but this is different. Think you dhould talk to people outside of your league that don’t suck your cazzo. Get your facts straight. Yeah right, after my 2 word respond and the messages I ignored? Every idiot could’ve seen that I got issues with your ego. Ther you got the age thing again. Maybe you should grow up.
  4. Logic

    Crossbar trick

    So @Sean (SM Support) do we really need mods? They ain’t doing anything and behave even more childish than I am when I’m angry. I tought mods were meant to get the ‘childish’ players like me on the rigt path and don’t tolerate it. To show me how I have to behave on a forum. You should think twice next time you give someone the mod function who’s ego is bigger than his maturity. Aight Gorse now you can say something about my suspicious history and that you got twice my age etc. Idc Had alot of respect to you while alot of people told me you were different (not throwing out names) and now that I see you since you left UN. I’m really happy for you. Good luck on this forum. You ain’t seeing me on here anymore. I’ll just use the pm section.
  5. Logic

    Crossbar trick

    Moderators these days...
  6. Logic

    Crossbar trick

  7. John, when people don’t know each other and the other one throws an angry face you won’t get anything else than that. Stoller is one of the most respectful players ingame constantly staying goodluck and well played etc.
  8. Logic

    Loading stuck on 10%

    Is this a weekly routine from now on @Sean (SM Support)
  9. Logic

    Lost account?

    @Sean (SM Support)
  10. Logic

    Help please guys

    @Sean (SM Support)
  11. Logic


    Well too bad i’m not a mod to use that 😂😱😱😱😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 😑
  12. Logic


    Well, it's not about making the game easier for the top players, but making it more fair. I think the Old version was much better in general.
  13. Logic

    Roman Empire

    Morisson is 😛