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  1. This game lost a big man today. By losing John you didn’t just lose a player that still enjoys the game. No no, you lost The Most Consistent player of the game. Trust me football clash you will feel this one in your activity stats.
  2. Logic


    When a forum thread draws more attention than the game...
  3. Idiot, I didn’t say I was consistent. You said. I have had more breaks during this 2 years than you have trophies.
  4. Nah I love Gorse and he loves me 😂
  5. Well enough? Do you even know me 😂😂
  6. I could definitely make the list
  7. You could’ve just asked me 😂
  8. Don’t tell me about it. I just make new accounts in my free time and get them to 4k to quit the game after 😂
  9. We were talking about Denhams return to the game 😂
  10. I know it’s Aston Villa 425B3416-2F3D-4DAC-8117-FB1882D0D741.MOV
  11. How is it inconsistent? Lad they probably still getting more than you (the consistentone).
  12. I’m inconsistent af. What are we going to do about it? 😂
  13. Only thing you're consistent at is being annoying
  14. I accidently kicked everyone and left. I was a noob back then I thought that kick meant promote. 😂
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