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  1. My god, just delete this thread. I've seen more drama here than in Love Island
  2. Same people are on the top as before, don't see a real difference I'm split... I did better on Old system but new system is still alright as long as it's 10 trophies from the start this time
  3. Appreciate the swift reply Sean. I can now rejoice and confirm that I have acquired Boateng... Thanks for getting the issue fixed quickly!
  4. So for the first time in a while I decided to buy some coins from the store as Boateng was there (rejoice) Oh yes... I have over 20k bucks now I thought to myself - and so I eagerly tapped on the beautiful man and hit "Buy 25 XP" and was greeted by a "Retry Login". So I tried again.... same thing... I restarted the game... same thing, turned my WiFi off and tried on my 4G... same thing. 2 hours later.... same thing This is absolutely ridiculous - you can not allow people to buy coins with real money and then not let them use them when they want to. That is an actual con, and actually illegal. I suggest you get back to me ASAP as this is truly unacceptable and like I said, highly ILLEGAL. @Sean (SM Support)
  5. It's not even the developers fault, it's the support team that are meant to be passing the bugs onto the developers or whoever delegates tasks to the developers. I don't understand how they haven't been addressed... It's almost like the people in charge of what the developers do are saying "forget that bug, we wanna add a new roadmap feature first"
  6. There are 101 and different bugs and reports @Sean (SM Support) has been tagged in and he responds to one out of all of them - like one reply a week. When will the bugs actually be addressed? As @HkaneLEGEND says - we get a new update and the BIG WELL KNOWN bugs have not been fixed. What do we actually have to do for someone to read this forum and realise they have bugs to fix instead of adding new players, new tournaments, new arena features etc. I for one would be a lot more invested in the game if they fixed the bugs instead of releasing new updates and features, these should come second to the important bugs and tweaks the actual gameplay needs. Bugs/ gameplay improvements should be priority.
  7. What devices have you been using to recreate it? I'm using a iPhone 7 plus. Not sure if it's the drop out between WiFi and 4g or just switching back to the app... but basically whenever I have the game (app) open and switch to another app or lock my phone and come back to it, it fails to reconnect to the League chat part in some ways... like requesting a player chooses wrong player (1 row above) and messages just don't send so I have to exit app and then I can send messages and request right player (after waiting 8 hrs ofc). I constantly see the "Please check your internet connection and try again" when I open the app up again (as in switching apps if its already open or I locked my screen). Does that help?
  8. Because Kanye West will be president before we get a response from the devs
  9. I've always had that issue from day one on my iPhone
  10. These legacy players should either be allowed to be packed again or just taken out of the game. Renato sanchez's sprint is ridiculous at lv10, I crap my pants every time he runs towards my poor players! I can deal with Ramsey...
  11. I don't remember packing any varane XP ever apart from when I unlocked him lmao
  12. I'm more amazed by the amount of XP people are giving for Stones
  13. Ladies please... all you need to know is people abuse bugs in the game, until they're fixed this will be an endless merry-go-round. Developers please patch these bugs so we can talk about happy stuff
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