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  1. I wish i knew italian lol
  2. Ahhh yeah forgot i had bravo lol
  3. Just checked, its 118/121 so those 3 are the legacy players
  4. Can someone enlighten me? I’ve wondered how many legacy cards there are, i forgot about them and didnt know why i only have like 6 players left to unlock from packs but 110/121 cards I know of Bravo, Lahm and Sanches
  5. Lemmy always stay cheeki breeki! ?????
  6. I’ve been playing on a different account just to see how things are in the lower arenas and i must say i was quite surprised, starting with arena 3/4 every other game youll be matched up against someone constantly using the lob pass, the halfwayline shot on top of the goal so their striker will get the ball or the move your striker quick before the enemy keeper passes the ball so youll get to it first bug. The problem isnt the league itself, people who cant lose see an opportunity to win and once they get to the top and are used to this ‘play style’ people will tell them its the wrong way and stop playing like that. Thats what theyll try and theyll start losing again, theyll get frustrated and in the end go back to their old playstyle In my opinion, the only solution is to fix the game itself, because even if everyone tells these people to stop, many of them will still continue and the problem wont be gone
  7. Obviusly i dont, was just a suggestion ;)
  8. Everyone says stupid things sometimes so give HKane a break You should focus on getting GN back in 1st All the best and good luck!
  9. Salah - Elite Firmino - Superb Asensio - Superb Thiago -Elite Nainggolan - Superb New Player - Icardi - Elite (Rocket Shot) New Legend - Hagi
  10. I created an account just to adress this, im quite new to the game, im sure none of you know me the only guy here ive played is pepsi and we only matched once The problem is not which league has the most lobbers, its the individuals. Im sure no league writes ‘yeah guys we wanna finish first dont we everyone lob the ball and get trophies’, it is their own choice. And even if we are going to point fingers, i havent played an IR lobber yet, every player ive played was respectful and a great player (Pepsi, Cctv and some others) So yeah, they should fix this, its getting very annoying
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