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  1. @Sean (SM Support) This seems to be getting even random now. Players with the same dribbling and tackling in a battle. But no consistency how the strength feature is used. And also no consistency still in when the ball breaks free and when one player keeps it. Sean. Please explain.
  2. Can you take a look at this? Just tried to play a tournament. I entered the game 11 seconds late and then the fixture graphic wouldn’t leave the screen and I couldn’t select players behind the graphic. Please see screenshots. Obviously I lost 3-0 as I could barely do anything Playing on WiFi. iPhone.
  3. Afternoon All. Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate “The Outlaws” on their well deserved victory. They played hard this week and thoroughly deserved the victory. As previous winners for numerous weeks the challenge was welcomed in RE and we didn’t react like true champions should. And deservedly lost our title. Of course we will fight back and look forward to having a regular opposition to the top spot. It’s been a bit lonely and boring to be honest so it’s nice for this to happen for everybody’s sake and especially the games sake. (I hope @Sean (SM Support) noticed the improved activity in tournaments and game play this week and used this to see what works for the game.) Anyways. Well done. And hopefully this wasn’t a flash in the pan and we’ve seen the creation of another league with potential to win the top spot on a regular basis. See you in the arena Damo
  4. Afternoon All. To save a bit of time reading those forum posts. Please see summary of every thread at the minute. Player 1 - You seen this glitch? Player 2 - Yep, but it’s cheating. Player 1 - You only play bots! Player 2 - You yawned at me! When I beat you. *Insert Screenshot* Player 1 - You yawned at me first! It’s the only time you’ve beat me *Insert screenshot* Player 2 - Your play style is boring. Come on everyone. We are better than that. This tit for tat with screenshot’s and calling everyone cheats is getting boring. The features are there for everyone to use and everyone will use them differently. Just worry about yourself and try and respect opponents. If they don’t respect you, then please rise above it. See you in the arena Damo
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    Completely agree. This is especially frustrating when you play against a boy. An option to skip replay would be a positive step. @Sean (SM Support) - can you arrange this pretty quickly? Or even have an option in settings to turn them off completely and if both players have this on they don’t show at all?
  6. I completely understand why they’ve introduced the manager boosts. But they’ve completely overpowered them. The boosts should be more subtle or limited to one per game. They should be a reason to help a player. Not the reason they win games.
  7. No problem. Happy to help in any way.
  8. Evening All, Firstly apologies for the long post, but been thinking about this for a while. We all know there is an update due soon, which will hopefully give us some new features and hopefully end some of the lag issues. However, i am getting concerned that there is an expectation that an update is going to save this game that we love to play and bring it back to its former days alone. I don't agree. I want to know more details about the plans to improve the user-database of regular players, and therefore I have some questions/suggestions below. People won't agree with all, but unless something is done, this update isn't going to save the game. Marketing @Sean (SM Support) - Can you confirm what the marketing plan is post update? Is there an aggressive plan to re-target former players? Or are you going to go after new players? Is there a budget? Is there a plan to get us to help you? A proper referral scheme. So for example, for every new player we recommend and get signed up who reaches a certain manager level or certain trophy level will get a reward. It doesn't have to be much, 100 coins or something, but the power of the word of mouth is unreal. What about all those players who've played in the past and have accounts? Is there a plan to target them specifically. A notification to be sent to their phone with a new reward? What about giving every player who hasn't logged in for a month, 100 XP of a player of their choice? Get them back playing. Surely if they have the app installed on their device (people generally don't delete apps), then you can get a notification sent to them to get them back, unless they've turned off this setting? Social Media Strategy, Is there one, I haven't seen any adverts or promotion really? Twitter account, instagram, What's the plan? Keeping Players We all know some players come back, and then disappear quickly. Is there anyone to get a tagging feature added into chat, so that people can tag people to get them back online? A gentle remainder from presidents and vice presidents to come and play. Maybe limit it to presidents only, but a nudge could get people back playing. I think we all agree, the more people playing, the better is it for all. I would have thought it was be something like @Damo in chat and it would send a note to me. Tournaments. You've got to keep these fresh, I think I've read a post from @Oranje suggesting you can't leave when entered, I wouldn't go that far, but make the entry fee non-refundable. However, the tournaments have to work properly if you do this. Tournaments need to change at least once a week. I'd suggest a new one the day after league pack finishes. Loyalty Rewards. Is it worth changing this from login, to after scoring 20 goals per day. To stop people logging in and not playing, just requesting XP and claiming free packs? Leaderboard Rewards. There should be a reward for getting your highest trophies, or highest finish, to encourage people to keep playing, with extra rewards for those who finish in the top3. Maybe even just use of a card for that week, that no one else can use. A legend card. All supports people playing those extra few games, that keeps them involved. Recognition Hall of fame. This is a must, there needs to be recognition for those that have invested in this game, and are crucial in keeping it going. Season trophies is already recorded, so it can't be too hard to create a leaderboard based on this. New Cards There has to be some, need to keep freshing things up on a regular basis, or even weekly tweaks on player stats based on current form. Anything to make people think there is something different and new each time they log in? Loaning of cards. I've mentioned this above, but how about a fee you can pay to load a card for a set amount of games. So new players can get the best players at the start to encourage them to keep playing. I post this, because I care. I want the days back when the leaderboard was more competitive and it wasn't always the same names in the top10. I want different leagues at the top, it's all become a bit similar, and this is because more people are stopping than starting. @Sean (SM Support)- Share with us, and let us help you get this game to a level which means more players playing, more revenue for you as a company, and a greater rated game in the stores. Allowing more strength to yourselves to get further investment.
  9. Wonderful words. Always nice to read thoughtful and well articulated posts on the forum.
  10. Just wanted to say, despite all the lag issues (and they are sooooo frustrating) that last week was really good fun. A new league formed that made a proper attempt to challenge for the #1 league title. Long may this competitiveness continue. Game on. See you in the arena.
  11. Damo

    WoW ????

    Lemmy. Sent you a DM. I always say good game in all games. Nothing personal. Hope they sort this issue out soon. It’s killing the game.
  12. It should be a private league. Then you enter the code. It should be under leagues tab on the game.
  13. They’ve moved the boost button. Nightmare.
  14. Afternoon All, For those that play fantasy football. I’ve set up a league on fantasy.premierleague.com for people to join. Code to join league - 1783281-527482 State your team name below when you join so we know who is who. All for fun. Good luck all. My team is “Gotta Griez’Em All” Damo
  15. Evening All. Has anyone noticed the inconsistency in the tackling algorithm when it comes to the ball spilling loose. Sometimes the player who wins the battle gets the ball and can dribble away from the tackle, whilst other times the ball boobles loose. Does anyone know how this works? As I’ve noticed it seems to be inconsistent. I’d have thought it would work that if the tackler wins by more than a certain figure then they keep the ball at feet. But tighter duels would mean the ball spills loose. Anyone got any insight into this? Welcome your thoughts/knowledge Damo
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    I voted old system. Purely based on the fact for the newer player (lower trophies) if you beat a top player you should be rewarded for this. Keeping trophies consistent doesn’t reward the players who beat someone who is currently rated higher than them. Could we not link it to manager level as well?
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