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  1. Arnav Bhatt

    Chaos3001, the hacker

    Oh yeah I forgot about that.
  2. Arnav Bhatt

    Chaos3001, the hacker

    If it is @Sean (SM Support) please do not effect the standings.
  3. Arnav Bhatt

    Chaos3001, the hacker

    I just played him, won 5-1 and he didn’t lose a trophy. I can tell he was not a bot as he was kicking off the ball quickly. He wasn’t waiting ages like the bots do.
  4. Arnav Bhatt

    Chaos3001, the hacker

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that Chaos3001 is hacking. He jumped from 4500 trophies to 5000 in three minutes. Also, he doesn’t have enough goals to have that many trophies. @Sean (SM Support)
  5. Arnav Bhatt

    World Cup 2018

    Allez Allez Allez! 🇫🇷
  6. Arnav Bhatt

    Wrong team moves on in tournament

    @Sean (SM Support) should be able to help. You can get your coins back from asking on the in game support.
  7. Arnav Bhatt

    Attacker achievement bug

    @Sean (SM Support) might be able to help.
  8. Arnav Bhatt

    King Lemmy

    Great season @Lemmy!!
  9. Arnav Bhatt

    Keep it polite

    That is the nature of the game. The community is that way. Win or lose, you will most likely get a yawn 😂
  10. Arnav Bhatt

    League Pack Reward

    Yeah. That is also a good thing they can add.
  11. Arnav Bhatt

    League Pack Reward

    Hey guys, I think that for the League Pack reward we should have a draw. For example, as you get 100 elite xp, 5 players will pop up. You can then choose which one you want and the game will give you that player’s xp. Or maybe, they can do it so that the receiver of the rewards can choose any player’s xp he wants but then the xp should be reduced to 50. I just think any of those two systems might be more rewarding.
  12. Arnav Bhatt

    Player Shop

    You are playing since a while. For the people, like me, who started a few months ago. We get like 25xp per request if we are lucky.
  13. Arnav Bhatt

    Player Shop

    Hey guys, I think that we should get 6 items in the shop. First one can be a “free item” like 25 credits or 250 bucks. Then, there can be one green item, one blue item and 3 purple items depending on whether there will be a legend or not. I think it will be a cool idea as at the moment nobody is able to max players like Varane etc.
  14. Arnav Bhatt

    Looking for a league

    Sorry, my bad.
  15. Arnav Bhatt

    People with boring play style passing round the back

    It is not a glitchy tactic but actually a playing style just like the long ball. I think that both are allowed to be played. One of the best teams in the world, Barcelona plays possession. It is a good tactic but it may be boring for the opponent. Personally, I try to avoid using them.