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  1. You know that there’s a difference between greatest and best?
  2. How stupid can people be? Has nobody heard of morrison? Who doesn’t hate him?
  3. It's more what's important for the league- during a tough week with competition, I'll get more trophies. Inconsistent isn't getting 8k then 6k lol. Do you want me to get 8k every week if I get it once? I agree on the Zaman opinion. He was never a Roman Empire player, he played for himself and his pointless record.
  4. It will continue lol. He even did this when I was in his branch of leagues.
  5. Answered. Apparently something new about to come as well. 👀
  6. I wasn’t saying you were gay. If you want to be gay, sure. I don’t really care. I was saying you like blowing bubbles as you’re such a kid.
  7. Gave him a chance and he blew it. I guess he’s used to blowing things. 😉 Thanks by the way, know you since UN. Those were the days lol
  8. You’ve not done anything to me and I just hate John so that’s that lol
  9. The full stop makes the joke dead. Especially when you don’t know where to put it.
  10. It doesn’t really seem like you have fun with the game. Everytime you lose you just quit the game like why’re you so irritated lmao
  11. Go back to playing the game, Meezi. Nobody wants to hear what you’re saying.
  12. I’m an innocent bloke. Don’t know what you’re talking about.
  13. Lovely. Forum back to it’s best.
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