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  1. Arnav Bhatt


    lmao. What happened this time? Guess what! Another yawn from “king” Lemmy
  2. Arnav Bhatt


    lol. I didn’t yawn back at you.
  3. Arnav Bhatt


    @Lemmy 🤔
  4. Arnav Bhatt


  5. Arnav Bhatt

    Proverb of the day

    Wait, who is Jay Jay?
  6. Arnav Bhatt

    Proverb of the day

    Is that your excuse to lose against me as well lol. Oh sorry, it is your excuse for every game.
  7. Arnav Bhatt

    Proverb of the day

    Why do you find it so important to say that??. We know that John is capable of anything?
  8. Arnav Bhatt

    My stupid ideas ?

    Only 4 people from the top three leagues will be lots of competition. Maybe 8 players from 1st league 6 from 2nd league and 4 from 3rd league. Then the lower leagues have lower places. They will take 2 years to put it in the game anyways.
  9. Arnav Bhatt

    My ideas

    Yeah but the donations will be unlimited. When you can’t donate because you have them maxed then you will hit a plateau but I think it is unlikely because of the dump everyone does.
  10. Arnav Bhatt

    My ideas

    Yeah but not maxing means that you can get the manager xp for every donation. Long term not maxing will work better because you will accumulate more manager xp
  11. Arnav Bhatt

    My ideas

    Wanted to know cuz it’s stupid to max all the greens and blues?
  12. Arnav Bhatt

    My ideas

    You have all the greens maxed or only Cech, Navas and Patricio?
  13. Arnav Bhatt

    Possible new idea

  14. Arnav Bhatt

    Super bots

    I still think that. You can always time waste??
  15. Arnav Bhatt

    Automatic shooting 3D screen

    Pepsi has Android.