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  1. Arnav Bhatt

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    The leagues are independent. You stay in the league but then there are partner leagues and they might tell you to go into the better league etc.
  2. Arnav Bhatt

    Gorse at 100K!

    What a legend! Greatest player on the game no doubt.
  3. Arnav Bhatt

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    @Oranje join Colonia Romana. We are partnered with Roman Empire and Italian Revenge. It would be fun to help a league make progress. There are also lots of greats players in the league. Maybe they can give you a few tips. You can make your choice. You are always welcomed in Colonia Romana whenever you want to come.
  4. Arnav Bhatt

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    There might be an excitement in being in a league. Maybe if you opt to be in a low league and then try to bring it up.
  5. Arnav Bhatt

    Colonia Romana

    Hi guys, we are opening a new league for upcoming players and talents. We are a partner league of Roman Empire and of Italian Revenge.
  6. Arnav Bhatt

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Oh yeah got your point but I don’t think they need changing. It was always like that. GG for the game that we played though.
  7. Arnav Bhatt

    The state of this game....

    It just like that. I was also confused at the start.
  8. Arnav Bhatt

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Hey, after 4000 there is a checkpoint every 500 trophies which I think is reasonable. But after every week you restart at 4000. Hopefully this makes sense.
  9. Arnav Bhatt

    European Union - UN Partners

    He got it back. I just played him.
  10. Arnav Bhatt


    Brilliant player!
  11. Arnav Bhatt

    Leagues Sean?

    There will be leagues I already talked to Sean in private messages.
  12. Arnav Bhatt


    I can’t understand what you mean😂
  13. Arnav Bhatt


  14. Arnav Bhatt


    I think I can manage.
  15. Arnav Bhatt


    Disgusting guy. Can’t believe his name is allowed in one of the top leagues. He deserves whatever has happened.