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  1. You know that there’s a difference between greatest and best?
  2. How stupid can people be? Has nobody heard of morrison? Who doesn’t hate him?
  3. It's more what's important for the league- during a tough week with competition, I'll get more trophies. Inconsistent isn't getting 8k then 6k lol. Do you want me to get 8k every week if I get it once? I agree on the Zaman opinion. He was never a Roman Empire player, he played for himself and his pointless record.
  4. It will continue lol. He even did this when I was in his branch of leagues.
  5. Answered. Apparently something new about to come as well. 👀
  6. I wasn’t saying you were gay. If you want to be gay, sure. I don’t really care. I was saying you like blowing bubbles as you’re such a kid.
  7. Gave him a chance and he blew it. I guess he’s used to blowing things. 😉 Thanks by the way, know you since UN. Those were the days lol
  8. You’ve not done anything to me and I just hate John so that’s that lol
  9. The full stop makes the joke dead. Especially when you don’t know where to put it.
  10. It doesn’t really seem like you have fun with the game. Everytime you lose you just quit the game like why’re you so irritated lmao
  11. Go back to playing the game, Meezi. Nobody wants to hear what you’re saying.
  12. I’m an innocent bloke. Don’t know what you’re talking about.
  13. Lovely. Forum back to it’s best.
  14. In my opinion, if they change the trophy system back thus make the game more competitive, they HAVE to remove boosts and remove “energy”.
  15. There will always be players who say that. Atleast for me and @Waste Man, we realized that the old trophy system was actually more skilled than this one. Both of us moaned and thought that whether it was @“SİPAHİ” or Luca who got first, it was because of the time they spent. If they don’t come out with a new trophy system, the old one was significantly better than this one.
  16. If that happens then, imagine you’re a new player. You start playing just to see that the top players NEVER reset so basically, it’s impossible for you to reach that elite tier of players. Maybe you only reset back to like 10k. The game can add 3-4 new arenas with new players who we can actually pack and get.
  17. If they’re giving rewards for coming 1st, 2nd etc. They need to add a skill gap for coming first. Like the old trophy system was perfect, at this point you can have some clueless bloke playing the game nonstop and getting first.
  18. Like what’s the point of that message? You want to start a new argument to create more drama. There’s no point in me wasting my time with you. You’re pointless.
  19. Liking a comment is way different than talking in game. Do you want me to not say anything? I generally do that when I am tryharding. I mostly never have to do that against you.
  20. He is hunting trophies. Obviously he would promote someone who has high trophies. He wants to keep you for the trophies, not because of whom you are.
  21. The moment you face a decently skilled player with manager cards. You’re done for. May as well quit the game. I don’t play with boost cards. Just did against @TomFlight sorry lol wanted 100 streak. Manager cards made this game more about luck. Basically whoever has the better boost cards wins.
  22. I only want one thing, for keepers to save near post crap and lucky shots. Makes me want to break my phone into two.
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