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  1. Anyone know how to move on to next arena phase? I have one but still stuck on same phase. Also is it just me or taking way to long to find a match?
  2. Coach B

    New update with 100 members

    Anyone having trouble moving to next arena or having to wait way too long to find opponent?
  3. Coach B

    Tournament lag

    Awesome man thanks, where is support lol? Sorry just made this forum account yesterday for this reason.
  4. Coach B

    Tournament lag

    Just lost 2 zidane tournaments do to lag. Thats 150 coins! First go the shoot button didnt pop up and so the opponent stole ball shot and won. Second go at the tournament i was thrown in and the opponent was playing and scoring but the countdown screen was still up so i couldnt touch or see screen for a while. Also i have played in 2 games where when its time to collect my trophies the game freezes and i never collect them. I have screenshot of both of those. Please help and replace what i lost.