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  1. Kollppo

    Division rewards

    I think when you open a normal pack your reward should be increased by the % your division states?
  2. Kollppo


    Is there ever going to be an option to turn replays off? They are in my opinion pointless, I just want to go in to the app and have a quick few games, no watch back replays of 5 goals scored against a bot.
  3. Kollppo


    All the best mate ☺️
  4. Kollppo

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Sean can you see if there is an opportunity to add a "hall of fame" showing who has won the week. I know it would be Roman Empire alot, but wuold be good to see something like this WEEK 1 - THE FIFTY WEEK 2 - ROMAN EMPIRE etc etc.............. might drive leagues to want to get on that leader board? maybe the same for individual clubs also?
  5. Kollppo

    Colonia Romana

    Good luck!
  6. Kollppo

    This is our community. Disgrace

    People need to grow up.
  7. Kollppo

    The state of this game....

    Am I the only one who actually quite likes the last update? Building the level of 3 teams takes a bit more effort rather than just 7 players as before. Your players should never be tired if you rotate between the three squads every match(or two matches if you don't boost too much.)
  8. Kollppo


    Well done Stoller, keep up the good work!
  9. Kollppo

    Leagues Sean?

    I think it says it will be shown straight after the goal?
  10. Kollppo

    League Pack Reward

    Ah ok! will do! cheers.
  11. Kollppo

    League Pack Reward

    I have got xp for Ozil two weeks in a row, which is not good
  12. Kollppo


    I am the only one who can see where the developers are coming from? You have a player with the same stats that you got to before? Nothing lost? An elite would have taken longer max and be ALOT better stats that you had before, so why should people be given this when it needs to be achieved? Or am I missing something?
  13. Kollppo

    Arena Stars.

    I've not. I don't think I took notice at the start playing. If there is no benefit I wont both going back to get them.
  14. Kollppo

    Arena Stars.

    You had to rub it in didn't you.....?
  15. Kollppo

    Arena Stars.

    OK, so the what is the point in the stars (where you get 1 for a win, 3 for 5 -0 win)