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  1. Darkstar72

    Congratulations “The Outlaws”

    Maybe some perspective for all. So many words spitting from here to there. Hopefully this helps direct your thoughts down better roads
  2. Darkstar72

    Congratulations “The Outlaws”

    Thanks Damo! Always posts with such class! It was a great battle and made the game alot more interesting in many ways. It needed a bit of a shake up it was getting stale.
  3. Darkstar72

    No more king long live ANARCHY!!! 😂

    Lemmy my friend, What great times we had together on this game. It was the greatest pleasure to have met you. Such a big character and amazing personality who made this game so much more fun! Wish you all the very best mate! We will always stay in touch and hopefully reunite one day for one more battle. Take care brother 💪🏻
  4. Darkstar72

    Leaving Football Clash

    All the very best for the future Zaman. Sad to see you go mate. Enjoyed the games with you!
  5. Darkstar72

    What is this in tornaments ??

    I keep seeing Arnav gets a free pass. No need to play just instant semi final place
  6. Darkstar72

    Possible new idea

    Ha very true, Would be interesting though and if there was a good prize at the end. But yeah i can imagine all the arguments on here if things don't work perfect ?. It would make players more active though i think, even within each league if only the top 4 in the top leagues or top 2 in lower leagues get in etc Bring on the chaos i say haha
  7. Darkstar72

    Possible new idea

    :) Yes with our own teams. Like in the trophy hunter cup currently.
  8. Darkstar72

    Possible new idea

    Like in real life. Group stage 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw etc. After group it is a draw and then knock out. Same teams win each time? Its does not have to be called the champions league etc. Could be called league of champions for example lol. But it’s more for the format as an example. Forget the fake teams London blue etc. I mean using our real teams we use in the game.
  9. Darkstar72

    Possible new idea

    Hi All ✨ I was thinking of a possible new idea to add to the game as i feel we need something more to play for. It may be a rubbish idea but wanted to put it out there to see what you all think? Also not sure of the mechanics of it or how it could work correctly. So the idea is to have like a Champions league competition in the tournaments that lasts a season groups stages and all. The winner receives the trophy on their profile etc and maybe a new player. To enter the top players across X amount of leagues like in real life. Then for lower in the leagues a competition like the Europa cup etc etc How it could work? Maybe set times for games-not sure, or invites between players when two are online between certain hours? Maybe after an amount of time has elapsed the game begins if not played at earlier opportunities to complete the game round etc. Anyway just an idea, would make things more interesting. What you all think?
  10. Darkstar72

    Cheating in tournaments?

    So i have an idea for the game, anyone have any influence and can pass it on to the right people if you guys think its worth considering?
  11. Darkstar72

    Cheating in tournaments?

    Have fun mate
  12. Darkstar72

    Cheating in tournaments?

    Unfortunately the stats are a nonsense, i have lost many Tournaments by not being able to play or being kicked out and so have all the guys mentioned above. So really a lot of those losses for all are false really. Shame really because if accurate we would see some very impressive stats as the guys mentioned are very good players. Good players know good players in my opinion, and you can only get better by being tested so sometimes a loss really helps if you have the right attitude and look to improve.
  13. Darkstar72

    Cheating in tournaments?

  14. Darkstar72

    Cheating in tournaments?

    Hahaha yes then we swap accounts and play to get each other no.1 lol, Oh wait that was someone else hahaha
  15. Darkstar72

    Cheating in tournaments?

    Tournament just now, so not that easy!