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  1. Apologies for my language near the end I didn't realise we wasn't allowed swear and id had quite a few vodkas last night when posted...I can't find how to delete the topic...It's not for me dictate how people play so ignore it...I was just thinkin how much of a ballache super bots are for people who don't know how avoid them
  2. To all leagues I don't usually post on here but in the interest of the game I think all top leagues should seriously consider stop putting their teams as super bots when they are not active...All the main players know how to avoid playin against super bots by resetin the app so the only people this is hurting is up and comin players tryin to get to our level...I for one am gonna stop doing this because it is hurting players that are tryin to play the game when we sleep...think about it some people spend more time resetting the app than actually playing ...Let's give the smaller teams more of a chance of winning rather than losing while we sleep...I think it's good idea myself if anyone disagrees then well ...them...peace out people stay safe ONE LOVE
  3. It's cool m8 no need for apology ???
  4. It's cool m8 no need for apology ???
  5. I've only ever been with two leagues since I started this game m8 Italian Revenge for 1 day and the one I'm in now that...Not a big deal like was just sayin...Never been there twice tho...
  6. II joined Italian revenge after then sending me an invite...They kicked me out next day b4 league even started an never give me chance score lol...
  7. Tried Figo tournament myself just...Won 1st game but it kept freezing and going slow...Took ages load game too with it stuck on 10 percent and when it did get me in I was already getting beat and it was freezing even worse
  8. Not been playin this game too long...Just wondered do they always just pull the plug to do updates without lettin anyone know...
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