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    Some Requests

    1. Packs should not take so long to open. I think it should be smaller reward packs with more of a currency reward, and then you buy packs, like ultimate team in a lot of consol games. 2. More gameplay options. In games like madden mobile, there are daily warmups, random events that a player can do, and a season mode. That sort of gameplay works really well with any sport and might attract more attention to this game. 3. Jerseys. Just having red and blue jerseys for each game is boring. There should be jerseys pulled in packs that can identify which team is which, and each team has two kits, home and away.
  2. Mfree03

    IOS version crash

    It occurs when loading the tutorial.
  3. Mfree03

    IOS version crash

    Issue Summary: Whenever I open the app on my phone the game crashes while in the middle of loading. issue details: I have not been able to access the game BRAND: Apple MODEL: iPhone 5 OS: 10.1