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  1. John Holywell

    Gorse at 100K!

    Good work by one of the games #1 top players!
  2. John Holywell

    Cheeki Breeki

    Hopefully we won’t meet you guys in arena cause you guys are awesome at this game and I’d lose 😂
  3. John Holywell

    Game not loading

    Good work lad! Congrats on another top 50 finish.
  4. John Holywell

    My Experiences + Tribute to Goal Nation

    Respect bro 💙
  5. John Holywell

    European Union - UN Partners

    RIP EU. You will be missed. Was a great project. Gives me nostalgia looking back at this post!
  6. John Holywell

    The state of this game....

    Honestly this game is so trash now adays. Severe lag makes it impossible to play, the people in the community are douches with their constant emoji spam, the new update right now is utter (edited) and makes it impossible to play as all your players just get tired super easily. Please fix this game or you’ll get more people leaving than joining the football clash family!
  7. John Holywell

    Fantasy Football

    Well done Damo for being top after week 1
  8. John Holywell

    Bazza and fifty

    No one player should have inferior rights over others. Everyone should be equal regardless if you have 4100 trophies or 5100 trophies and if you’re a VP that’s been there a month or you’ve been there a week. Bazza is being a douchebag and regardless if he’s a top player or not he should he punished.
  9. John Holywell

    Boost Button

    How about having it on the right
  10. John Holywell

    New Update

    Congrats on being top at the moment!
  11. John Holywell


    Still active mate. Sent you a request!
  12. John Holywell


    Your date of birth is on your profile 😂 PS: this is random but why did you remove me as a friend in game? Probably because I changed my name!
  13. John Holywell


    Like you for example. Although you turning 21 you just do it with your own money!
  14. John Holywell


    Thank you!
  15. John Holywell

    Great 👍 job !!!

    Zeesh made it to near 9k too