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  1. Oh cool!!!! So you have no problem with me not saying good game or well played yet you still decided to point it out in league chat. Makes perfect sense!!!!! Cool 😎.
  2. That’s complaining is it not. Saying someone is a bad loser is complaining about them.
  3. You’ve lose my respect too!!! Sharing a replay of you beating me and complaining in chat that I didn’t say “Good Luck” and “Well Played” didn’t think is you’d be the kind of person to talk behind someone’s back!
  4. So Arnav and Tahmid can post screenshots but I can’t???? What a hypocrite!!!! Lost all respect for you. Delete all of those threads if you’re gonna delete mine.
  5. You let all these screenshots on forum but you delete my screenshots!!!!! You’re the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever met!
  6. Greatest of all time in my opinion was Luca who used to be Italian Revenge President! When I started playing he was number 1 for about a month back to back! maybe he just played a lot of games or maybe he was a top player!
  7. Nah bro. The real solution is score 1 goal then quit and get the trophies and goals for league pack 😂
  8. It’s not your internet it’s the game! Every single player has lag from kick off since the update. There’s literally nothing you can do about it. Every time I play friendlies against you or play in arena against Meezi I always have lag no matter what! I think it’s the Boost cards that cause the lag because everyone runs around so quickly that the game can’t keep up. So I recommend people stop using super bots as it is a pain in the backside to beat!
  9. Congrats on 500 points 😂
  10. I don’t hate him to fair 😜 like how he’s come back and wound up Roman Empire and Solidarity so easily! Doing my job for me 🙃
  11. Logic has 12,000 season trophies and started playing in 2017 - I have 12,000 season trophies and started playing in 2018! No one says anything about him.
  12. I was confused as to why you thought “you could make the list” since I though you were at United Nations together. Didn’t realise there was history.
  13. Haha he doesn’t know you well enough. You’d probably join me on the annoying list!
  14. I thought Denham was one too but he said not.
  15. Bare, Bazza, HKane I would say are the 3!
  16. Consistently top 50 isn’t even an achievement when there’s only about 100 active players 😂
  17. I had it longer. Been consistently top 50 for two years 🤪😜
  18. So from this thread I’ve learnt that Gorse dislikes: Denham, Zaman and Myself! Good to know. Edit: And HKane (how could I forget) 😂
  19. Bruh I’ve only been playing on this account for 1 year! Where you getting two years from?
  20. Bruh 12k trophies on a game is insane! To be a top 50 player in the world in a game is perfectly normal. Imagine if I got 12k trophies on “golf clash” for example!
  21. Over multiple accounts mate. Obviously I haven’t just played on one account. I’ve had about 3-4 phones in the last 2 years and I make a new account with the new phones.
  22. Bruh you say we’re talking about Denham... Then why did you start this conversation out of no where then!
  23. Because we’re talking about the topic of consistency! Getting 8k trophies is completely irrelevant because you don’t get 8k every week!
  24. You literally just proved my point. The fact I have 12.5k season trophies proves I consistently get 500-1000 trophies a season. Rather do that than quit for a month like a lot of you guys do!
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