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  1. Since when has 2 invites ever been referred to as spamming...
  2. It seems John also doesn’t understand sarcasm... great save with the quick edit mate
  3. I don’t have Facebook. I don’t think people should miss out because they don’t have a fb account
  4. I am having the same issue... never been placed in division or had button on home screen, I have messaged in-game support but am yet to hear anything back... surprise surprise
  5. Could you go the other way and make it that whenever someone passes it back to the keeper it will be picked up and it will automatically use one of your substitutions up and if you’ve used up all your subs and you makes a back pass then the keepers touch is disabled so keeper cannot kick or pick up the ball and depending on the angle of the pass an own goal may be scored
  6. Congrats on the amazing season Lemmy... great player and even greater leader/teacher within our league to the newer players of The Fifty such as myself
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