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  1. elfenomeno13


    he salido sin querer de la liga! Si alguien lee esto que me mande una invitación, que quiero ir a dormir, pero quiero jugar el pack con vosotros.
  2. Game founds an opponent during a few seconds, and then again goes to the lobby... I can't fight for trying win the week
  3. That was really strange for me. 2 Lemmys, and when I have played against one of them, all match losing time, yawning for provoking me... dirty game.
  4. Can you accept friendy petitions? I can't... and I don't know where can I see about my friends. Thank you for your message @Arnav, but I think is quite difficult
  5. congrats @karpis2001 is really awesome. and congrats Lemmy I remember you made near to 9000 too, is it? both are beast.
  6. But... how can I reclaim the coins? Thank you for your answer
  7. Hi! This is my first text in this forum. First, I am sorry, but my English is not very good, I'm from Spain. I had problems with World Cup tournaments, a lot of times I was eliminated without playing, but the last time, I was eliminated winning the semifinal for 5-0 goals. I have take a screenshot. I don't know if I can ask for my golden coins or what can I do. Thank you
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