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  1. Xavier Mill

    RE? What happened?

    @Gorse H Stop the WW3 Please!!!
  2. Xavier Mill


    Bare what a suprise! Are you comin back to celebrate Arsenal’s win with us😂?!
  3. Xavier Mill

    No more king long live ANARCHY!!! 😂

    Bruda today is the most emotional 😭 day. We will miss your presence and your jokes that made us fresh always! It was die greatest privilege to play with! Get well soon and Wish you very goods in the future. Stay Cheeki Breeki 🍻
  4. Xavier Mill

    Give me Kara ?

    Good joke Bruda ! Ur wife can’t speak better English then Kara.
  5. Xavier Mill


    Bruh you talk😱😂! Yes we can Enter the game. Check your internet connection!
  6. Xavier Mill


    Wait..... Do you hav problems with every long posts?
  7. Xavier Mill


    Do you hav any problems with his long posts?
  8. Xavier Mill

    Proverb of the day

    Yess jay jay ?. 5-3 against John is unusual.
  9. Xavier Mill

    Proverb of the day

    You beat me when I had laggs. I told you in league. Pray those laggs never touch anyone .
  10. Xavier Mill

    Cheating in tournaments?

    I cud be the king by tournaments stats but by overall Lemmy is king and I m No-thing?!
  11. Xavier Mill

    Cheating in tournaments?

    Really Bruda?!? You cud be the Arena king slightly! I m the touro king and if you see my tourno stats no one come closer to me?.
  12. Xavier Mill


    M8 you aren’t alone in this list ?
  13. Xavier Mill

    How you imagine this to work???

    U r making the forum into a Theater! ?
  14. Xavier Mill

    How you imagine this to work???

    Dark you 2 ?
  15. Xavier Mill

    How you imagine this to work???

    Pep Man r u drunk by drinkings Pepsi?