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  1. Unfortunately Bruda you have to wait till tomorrow evening
  2. I hate this club tournament. because of its teams. You have to be lucky to get a tournament winning team. Who ever gets Arsenal(90% will lose) and Chelsea( a bit better, but still sucks). Let us play with our own players.
  3. Haha we will keep making trophies 😋👹
  4. The tournament’s entrance shud be 4. As It becomes more easy to make trophies. Jazz and So Bored have been playing and letting win each other. By doin so they are not losing coins and getting more trophies. I m not blaming them . This 1v1 became a way to get free trophies/Jackpot.
  5. All we need is lagg-free game. And a fair tactical system
  6. Xavier Mill


    Why the I get lag against you Sip? Are you still smh on last version?
  7. It’s too old for me now 😂
  8. Solution:-) Skip the game before the kickoff( when you see a superbots).
  9. In last couple of weeks I noticed I having lagg even in a good internet. This is a problem I and Arnav hav encountered.
  10. Still hav better control on mouth then me 😂
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