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  1. It’s too old for me now 😂
  2. Solution:-) Skip the game before the kickoff( when you see a superbots).
  3. In last couple of weeks I noticed I having lagg even in a good internet. This is a problem I and Arnav hav encountered.
  4. Still hav better control on mouth then me 😂
  5. Then stick with it! No one cares 😒
  6. He is trying to get some attention and forcing you to close this thread.
  7. What is this new dog I m already very infuriated by all the glitches. It’s like when they fix one automatically create another one. 67103E8F-47D5-49B7-BA80-0F74776DFA53.MOV
  8. You are also one of respected players in the game Bruda.
  9. Emoji‘s work 🍆🍑🍌👌🏻🖕🏻
  10. Trafa you are a good person(hate me 🥺) It piss me off when you don’t response when I send you “Good Luck” or Well Played before the kickoff or during the match. If you can respond you will be a very respectable opponent. For me the most respected players are:- Gorsey,Pep, Supermarkt and Wasteman(seems like very angry)
  11. I give that title to Arnav and only Pep with love. 🖕🏻😁🥴
  12. You don’t have the balls to write ! 😂
  13. And I left mine with 3 monsterous cards 😁 I m pissed by other superbots so I gave mine a go.
  14. Don’t worry Gorsey is yes always here to erase your swear words 😜 🖕🏻Yes
  15. Under 15 mins! This is the fastest reply from the support 😂
  16. Be brutally honest! I never showed you respect.
  17. Xavier Mill


    Then park the bus!
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