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  1. I don’t know about others but he is really annoying for me.
  2. Maybe busquets not alot of ppl use him because he is not that fast but his other stats are rly good.
  3. He got over 100 game win stream and he is not a top player😂😂😂
  4. Is there a way of banning John from forum I get sick of that guy.
  5. Haha you talking rly😂. not even gonna waste time to read everything one thing is sure you never did beat me.👋
  6. When did we start being nice ?😂 Merry Christmas
  7. How many times did you fail to do that?😂
  8. You are welcome Wasteman 👍. Just tell me when you need an invite.
  9. Karpis2001


    You are saying like I changed my name in real life pff hahaha dude rly? And Santa on the forum is Kara so I don’t need an other account for dramma or something and I am sure if you Zaman didn’t say anyhing we could finish this fast.
  10. Karpis2001


    Zaman it’s not your problem on whos account I am playing. Do you have any problems with that? Anyway your not worth the time
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