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  1. Jazz


    Yeah mayos bot is a nightmare. I struggle against veterano’s big style. pending on formation and the use of super bots determines how badly I get beat though 1-1-2.... I may as well give up against.
  2. lag Lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag. u get my drift yet
  3. Jazz


    True Nelson. I will also not do this. He
  4. Jazz

    What do we want from the game.

    That’s how I found the game via Facebook advertising. Never see it advertised now
  5. Jazz

    What do we want from the game.

    Ronaldo could easily be replaced with strength likewise with Suarez. I just feel rocket shots are almost impossible to stop. Also give Kanté his sliding tackle back hahahahha New arenas are a very viable option. 4-8k is a massive ask even for the most dedicated of players. For many players it’s a big ask to get past 5k let alone get to 6,7,8k if I get 6k I think I have achieved something and the only time I hit 8k is when the 200 trophy tournament was up for the 1st. For me that tournament brought the game back to life as all players were entering it. with regards to tournaments I do feel they could create a beginners tournament so to speak with a max level limit to enter. As you do feel sorry when you come up against a newbie player who spent their coins to enter only to lose to much higher ranked players. it was good that they introduce new players but I do feel they could of added in a lot more players and potentially removed some of the lower key players who a number of our community very rarely use. Just to keep it fresh.
  6. Let’s have a creative topic for once. And see if anybody actually listens. Whats is the pros and cons to the game. 1.For me manager cards have to go. They are a totally unfair advantage and make the game so unrealistic 2.tournaments need to be updated at least every fortnight. The current tournaments are not worth the coins. 3. players cards.... the the only one I feel should be removed is the power shot. To give it more of a challenge to score. Anybody can use ronaldo’s Rocket shot 3 times which is virtually unstoppable, then Just sub out for Suarez. 4. I also feel emojis should be removed or at least the negative ones. On a brighter side I am relieved the replays have been cut down to the final goal but I must admit it gave me chance to have my ecig on each replay. (all these guys below love this game)
  7. Jazz

    Double Standards.

    Can’t believe how much rage this free game creates. It’s like a episode of eastenders reading sol’s chat some days. But still very entertaining. Hatred between leagues will always be their. I did try a close the gap between leagues but I got kicked. But hey ho. i can not stand this game anymore the amount of anger and hostility it creates is unreal. But I still play because it’s so addicting. The game is in desperate need of editing. Dev’s should be listening to the people who play this game day in and day out. Manager cards were a massive step back. The newest update creates half a dozen crap new players but created even more glitches. All of these issues have been posted time after time. But nobody with actual influence to the development of the game responds to the criticism given. As u tend to see more and more players leaving the game through the frustrations of issues not being resolved. I think I am really have had it with this game now. So if anybody wants my account pop to sol and u can have it. Just can’t be bothered with the arguments anymore. This ain’t even real life guys lol.
  8. Jazz


    Fuck off john. Could not give a toss how you word the wank thank comes out of you mouth. what I read classes you as a racists. You have no right to talk about anyone’s religion or beliefs. If I ever met you John I would do the world a favour and jump on your fucking head.
  9. Jazz


    Don’t know when to shut up do you. you say black people reproduce like rabbits and you don’t find that racist It was a crying shame when your dad had a wank and your mum rolled in it to produce a piece of shit like you.
  10. Jazz


    Us white people dont reproduce like you rabbits??? You having a laugh
  11. Jazz


    U are a disease John. Wherever you go you create arguments. Your comments yesterday were too far.
  12. Jazz


    I will leave this here then John. So everyone can see.
  13. Even if they removed the manager cards it would be a winner. some are just idiotic. Run like a alien score with Ramos and tackle with anyone. So frustrating losing streaks to players who are stacked with cards. I would rather lose by being outclassed than to get smashed because of every player stat being increased.
  14. Jazz


    Last post claim before it’s closed
  15. Jazz


    Aaannnnndddddd. going back to the original post yeah the game sucks at the moment. why Can’t we all be friends and go out for a beer like me and Valero do.