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    Has arnav give up as well now?
  2. But what a great record he had. Something to bang on you cv I reckon 😬
  3. Had a burger guys was amazing.
  4. All this this shit goes off when I am on the piss. sake guys. keep the thread open until tomorrow please!!!!!!
  5. So solidarity is not toxic anymore as you have used emojis?
  6. I think you should create you own league John. To build new players up
  7. I gave my self £5 and shared a bottle of wine with the mrs for first last week Tom. but yeah mate I honestly thought u got gold xp for 1st or at least something
  8. Jazz

    0 XP From Pack

    That the 6k stage. If so message support happens all the time
  9. Thank god they never increased leagues to 100 like was being mentioned.
  10. No John I stated what everyone had stated about the game for a long time. But you being special comes in for a argument. I ain’t to fussed if I would not be missed in the game. Which you edited out.
  11. John the home side shows nothing u tool. U had three lol.
  12. Do you notice John whenever you post it normally ends in a argument
  13. And I had my son asleep on me haha. in all serious though snap made a good suggestion of leagues being smaller creating more competition.
  14. Just checked our last game John.... I had a strength boost. And I remember u having 3 if I am not correct.
  15. Their will be no change lemmy. Game is gash now. Same tournaments for a month now lp packs is a waste of time. New players were utterly rubbish. Less and less people playing the game. Manager cards are useless. Super bots are pointless. the only excitement players get now is sending their 2nd,3rd,4th even 5th accounts of missions around the leagues
  16. Manager cards have been posted numerous times on forum. But like always our concerns are never addressed. theis is no skill what so ever in the cards. And it gives a completely unfair advantage. U can’t really say u out classed ur opponent when using the all attribute card and a pace card at the same time.
  17. Yeah mayos bot is a nightmare. I struggle against veterano’s big style. pending on formation and the use of super bots determines how badly I get beat though 1-1-2.... I may as well give up against.
  18. lag Lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag. u get my drift yet
  19. True Nelson. I will also not do this. He
  20. That’s how I found the game via Facebook advertising. Never see it advertised now
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