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Found 1 result

  1. Heres my take on it. When I was asking for these tournaments I wasen’t after constant tournaments like the way it is on the update. What would be better is to have seasonal calender tournaments for eg • st davids day tournie • st patricks day tournie • easter tournie • st georges day tournie • summer tournie • halloween tournie • xmas tournie This is the way to do it without a doubt. Alex I urge your developers to take a look at golf clash and see how they work there tournies you will learn alot from it. Now the way to work it is as follows : Make the tournaments 3 or 4 seperate buy ins. Larger buy ins make for more lucrative rewards. I think the tournaments need to be more prestigious even to the point where it becomes more prestigious than the lp. Keep lp as is and now everyone can look forward to these tournaments when they commence it keeps people playing knowing there a tournie around the corner. What I’m mostly getting at is you need to have these tournaments running with real time events going with the calendar its so much better than them just being there already in the game. I think you have got the tournament concept all wrong. Keep the tournies in line with whats happening in real life like those 7 I’ve mentioned above. Also theres more you could add to I’m sure with valentines day tournie’s mothers and father day’s etc even thanksgiving day tournie for our american friends.
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