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Found 11 results

  1. John Holywell

    Bot Glitch

    There’s a glitch going round right now where when you’re playing a bot and winning if you disconnect you get the win. I found this out recently when my phone ran out of charge in the middle of a game and when I loaded it back up I had gone up in trophies. Please fix this glitch as I am worried people may abuse it!
  2. Guys .. I say especially to developers please fix the bug that happens during the reset ... this bug ruins the game ... there is no more competitiveness because of this bug ... for example this season furiel is using it to your advantage and it's not fair because I and other players that we are playing loyally without tricks will not win and for what? for a simple bug ... I did not come here to offend anyone but it seemed right to talk about this thing ... I hope that before Sunday settle the account of Furiel because otherwise it would be an insult to the other players who have busy all season @Sean (SM Support)
  3. I can not enter the game!Entering to the game stops at 10 percentI have very good squad and I do not want to lose my progress and my favorite game(
  4. Nikawesome

    Card pack error

    I did not get my elite from day 2 card pack my ign is Nikawesome Arena 1 league is BlackFloppyWangs
  5. Hi all, So it is Monday morning and the league pack was supposed to start, however on our league, called goalscorers the timer has been counting up for the last week? We cannot start our league pack and members are leaving because of it, please sort this out. As you can see in the images I have screenshotted at 10;37 the timer is at a lower number than at 10:38. Our league is in the top 50 and this is unfair because we want to score goals but our league pack hasn't started. Please help urgently???
  6. Ed203

    Not loading

    My game gets to 50% and stops loading and has been doing it for 2 days and was working before
  7. chiko

    can't join a league

    ok, so I have created a new league (CFC) and then I saw a weird invitation on the info page(where I can see the version of the game), I accepted it out of curiosity, after that I was kicked out of my own league and since then I can't join any league or create a new one. I have emailed you guys about it but have'nt received any response. so please help me fix that, my nickname is chiko. my brother has invited 2 people to the game (me and 1 more) and haven't received his 250$ as advertised, please tell me why is that and how he could get what he deserves. one more question I have is how exactley league packs works? when does a league start a league pack and how it is initiated. thanks.
  8. I was sent here from twitter to discuss my issue. When I was opening a champions pack for 380 credits, my app crashed resulting in me not get the pack or any players. When I logged back on I had not received anything from the pack, however my credits that I spent were gone. Is there anything that can be done about this?
  9. I got the email for the TestFlight game invitation and did as it said but couldn't launch the app without it crashing before the loading screen was finished. (Loading screen with the players.) Hoping this can be resolved. Thanks. Device: iPhone 4S Model: MD257X/A iOS version: 9.3.5
  10. Sudan24

    Game Update Error

    I am currently a beta tester in IOS but since today when i try to open the app it says Update to version but when I go to testflight to update it doesn't show any update. Please Help.
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