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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, We regret to inform you that we will be removing Soccer Manager Arena from Steam in March. This will coincide with the release of our major update on the mobile platforms as the match engine fundamentally changes. We do not believe the desktop control system is suited to the new shooting methods. This has been designed to improve the gameplay of the majority of our user base which is heavily on mobile devices. Steam users will be able to contact our team via the in-game support system and have their existing accounts transferred to a mobile device. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, for two days now, I cannot login from Steam. Game loads to 10% but then says some like 'sorry, servers currently under maintenance, try later' (see attachment). Already completely removed game files and re-installed, but this seems to be a general problem according to http://steamcharts.com/app/628870 Steam / PC not supported no more? Would be too bad, since I only play on Steam...
  3. Hello ive started playing your game few days ago,and i find it really relaxing,and enjoyable,and quite addicting to be honest I am playing it on Steam,on my PC,and im trying to get as many players as i can,so i went on your facebook/twitter pages to inform abit more on your game,and i was so happy when i saw a "Free Champions Pack" on your facebook page,all you have to do is "connect your soccer manager arena account to your facebook" so i was reading carefull,your steps ingame... You can connect your game to facebook using the friends section in league,so i went to my league and looked for it,but looks like i dont have a friends section...So is it just me or all PC users or is it a bug.(i saw a clip on youtube,where person is playing on the phone,and have friends section in league). I dont care that much for one pack,but it would be nice if people get same things on all platforms just a thought,and i apologise in advance if this post isnt supposed to be in bug section. Thanks in advance
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