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Found 16 results

  1. MG420

    Game isn't loading up

    Issue: Game not loading Issue details: 3 days ago I bought €15 worth of Credits. Straightaway I started getting visual bugs when changing formations or upgrading my players. I then restarted the game and to my suprise it only loaded to 50%. This happened 2,3 minutes after opening those packs. The problem is still there after 3 days. Thanks for all the help in advance. Brand: Sony Experia Model: Z3 Version: 6.0.1
  2. Konrad

    Trophy decay bug

    Twice now I have started up my app to see that my trophies have been dropped down to exactly 4000, even though I was around 4500. This is really annoying as I was pushing top 50 before but now I have to do it again. I think I've seen this happen to other people, and is a serious issue that needs to be corrected
  3. No vice president or the president can remove any member from the league. Stuck at 50/50 with 40 inactives since the new update.
  4. I was sent here from twitter to discuss my issue. When I was opening a champions pack for 380 credits, my app crashed resulting in me not get the pack or any players. When I logged back on I had not received anything from the pack, however my credits that I spent were gone. Is there anything that can be done about this?
  5. Hello, I've just installed the game. I want to run the training match and I have no players displayed in the field. By consequent it is not possible to game.... Have you any idea? thanks
  6. Bonjour, je viens de me connecter à mon compte et surprise mes trophées on été remis à 4000. Oui, toute les saisons (semain) on recommence à 4000 ce n'est pas le soucis. Le soucis c'est que mon. Profil a été remis à zéro lundi et lundi soir entre temps mon profil avait gagner des trophées et ils ont disparu et mon classement de la saison précédente est de 32 au lieu de 1er?? Merci
  7. starting today, when i open the app the load screen stops at 10% and times out. tried restarting the app, restarting the phone, currently unable to play.
  8. Da ieri sera non riesco più a caricare l' app.si ferma al 45% Samsung s5 mini Android 6.0.1 Italia
  9. Hello! Since yesterday, it's impossible To post something on the club chat... Sometimes sincethe update, when we try to open a pack, it disappear, and I don't know if we got something... Good luck
  10. Issue Summary: 5 Goal Win Achievement isn't unlocked Issue Details: Having won a number of consecutive matches 5 - something this achievement should have unlocked. But it hasn't Device details; BRAND : Huawei MODEL : Nexus 6P OS : Android - Nougat VERSION : 7.0 Location: England Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): When I look at my profile, it says I have 16 consecutive Wins. To the best of my knowledge these have all been won by scoring 5 goals first. But the 5 Goal Wins is still 0.
  11. Just bought the super saver package. Got the credits and the coins but a super(blue) champions pack instead of the elite(purple) that was advertised. Couldn't believe it. Anyone else experience this. Would a dev comment on this?
  12. Issue Summary: My manager boost points do not stay as I assigned them. Issue Details: At level 8 I have 15 point to assign. I assigned them Goalkeeping 5, Shooting 5, Pace 5. This 'automatically' changed to Goalkeeping 5, Shooting 5, Strength 5. This is repeatable: every time I close the app, and reopen, the 5 points move form pace to strength. Device details; BRAND : Samsung MODEL : S4 mini OS : Android VERSION : 4.4.4 Location: The Netherlands Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): Clear boost points, assign as indicated, close app, open app consistenlty creates the issue on my phone.
  13. Has anyone had any luck with linking to another device? I've just received a new phone, when I click Link Device on my old one it gives me two options - Link to an Android Device - Nothing happens when I click this I want to link to another device - I get a code displayed, I put this code in on my new phone and the app restarts but nothing changes, I'm still stuck with the new game without my cards, xp etc
  14. Sudan24

    Game Update Error

    I am currently a beta tester in IOS but since today when i try to open the app it says Update to version but when I go to testflight to update it doesn't show any update. Please Help.
  15. Martins

    Players Ranking

    How can this player have this ranking with only a few games played?
  16. KemoCono


    I found a bug, again I tested this on 17 devices android and iOS before complaining: For challenges a single win grants you the score of 2 wins. For example if you need 6 wins, you win 3 matches and that's it. I think this over gives XP and coins to players who don't actually experience the difficulty of it
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