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Found 1 result

  1. Right, its fair to say I'm really enjoying the new version of the game but there's a lot of little things that can make the game way more appealing in different areas. Badges/kits - this is such a easy implementation that can be added in. More variations of badges and kits. the amount of leagues in the top 50 that have to have the same badge because the lack of variations there are is annoying every league should be unique to their name and background. Same goes with kits. League levels - Leagues are just seen just now as somewhere to stay and contribute in a bad rewarded LP, Why not add league levels when it depends on where the league finishes after a season depends on how much XP you earn to level up. Every level has a different bonus for example league level 1-10 is double XP for donations and the higher the level the better the perks. IT WOULD make leagues stand out more and give credit to the leagues that finish top 5 every single week with what? nothing in return. same goes with club leader boards. Think this one goes without saying but if yourself Alex, had other co-workers who managed the forum the posts like mine would get noticed, I feel if you see this it will get shrugged off and not listened too. What about adding a double or nothing feature? for example if you lose a game in fairly and you want a rematch there should be a option where if you lose again its double the loss of trophies but if you win its just plus/minus 0 trophies. Lastly just in general add more little things to keep the game fresh and entertaining instead of play a week solid with no reward. I'm also really excited for tournaments to be added in that should be a game changer, given its done correctly. i've seen you tubers do videos on the game and I thought that would bring a lot more active players to the game, a total of 8 or so leagues completed the weekly LP this week out of how many leagues? there's a reason clash of clans and games that are based on games like yours are multi million dollar franchises, regular updates and so many things to do, all we have to do is the arena atm. rant over but lets hope its a good rant that takes the game forward in a good positive and fast way. Thanks for reading x.