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How you imagine this to work???

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59 minutes ago, Lemmy said:

And then come LEMMY!!!



Nice song choice.

Heard it a few times whilst watching the darts.

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On 10/17/2018 at 2:17 AM, TomFlight said:

John is a poor player, no question about that.

I’m a poor player huh even though I just beat your bot and now have more trophies than you ;) 


and I also beat Enyeakor in a tournament final who had 2,000 more trophies... 







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13 minutes ago, John Holywell said:

Great song choice mate. One of my faves. Also like faded by Allan Walker. 

OMG, I love that song!

You have good taste, John. ?

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On 10/18/2018 at 1:48 PM, John Holywell said:

Constistantly getting between 4100 and 4300 gets me to around 75-200th rank each week on the leaderboard! So by your logic the thousands of players who are lower than me in the leaderboard and in trophies are all poor players???? That’s a bit rude my man.  If that’s the case half of your league are poor players and you should kick them all because I’m better than most of them. 

Yawwwwnnnn ?

Never mentioned other players, just you ??? Bigging yourself up “I’m better than most of them” your the one banging on.

Your boring mate, get back to your day job.. Ohh I forgot, it’s on here ?‍♂️

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