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John Holywell

A global / VIP chat and Personal messages in game

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I noticed how in Football Clash there is a league chat. It would be cool if there was a Global chat where everyone can talk and Personal Messages (PM’s) that you can sent to “friends”. 

In other games I play such as a game called Dragon souls they have a Global chat where every single person can talk but they also have a VIP chat where people who have payed money on the game can access and there’s a system where you can have a VIP membership.

Also in that game there’s a personal message area where you can sent personal messages to people. It would be cool if that was implemented into this game. 

See attached photos showing how there’s a “Global” chat, a “Guild” chat (equivalent of league chat), a “VIP” chat and then a personal message system where players can send eachother personal messages. 



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I personally don’t like idea to pay 💰 for some VIP chet to can speek...

look in form how players arguing 

imagine how be then in some global Chet I afraid that be become war of bad words in chet...

idea to have PM in game something like when you speak whit support be really good especially because not everyone have forum acc 

and can make job easy to bring some new players in your league!

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Good suggestion but already been suggested in past and like most threads on here it'll be all out anarchy... Pm in game I've asked for previously and been told ages ago that they didn't want it because it could lead to abuse and bullying 

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