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7 hours ago, Valerolegend said:

Yawn your boring... All your friends who youve never met get in the real world

do you know what pen pal means? I think no
do you know when you write an email to someone you've never seen before, if the conversation has become friendly enough to make a joke? I think no
Since you do not understand, I'm just suggesting you never again allow me to make a joke about me and the mafia.
I hope I was clear, and now come back to where you came from, with your snowflakes, your plum, your yawn, and all the rubbish you carry.
And I assure you that I'm not making a joke

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15 minutes ago, Pepsi said:

in fact I'm not offended, however normally the jokes are made to friends, Lemmy is a friend of mine and made a joke. If you meet your enemy on the street and make a joke, he will take your head off.

..... but behind the keyboard we are all phenomena and we can say what we want, even the biggest bullshits.

@Gorse H He swore ban him! 😂


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