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Update: New Cards, Change in Player Levels & New Countries!

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Update: New Cards, Change in Player Levels & New Countries!




In the latest update to Football Clash: All Stars we have added New Cards, Changed Player Levels and introduced Southeast Asia to the Arena!

Five New Player Cards

Five new cards have been introduced to the Arena: Computer, Dutch Destroyer, O Canito, Senegalese Speedster and Colossus.

  • Computer (available in Arena 4) – a legendary midfielder with an unrivaled footballing brain.
  • Dutch Destroyer (available in Arena 6) – a man mountain of a defender with leadership skills and a calmness on the ball.
  • O Canito (available in Arena 4) – a prolific striker who is ruthless in front of goal.
  • Senegalese Speedster (available in Arena 5) – a pacey winger with an eye for goal.
  • Colossus (available in Arena 3) – a defender who combines strength and speed with an elegance on the ball.

Change in Player Levels

The way we approach a change in player levels is a combination of listening to our community, testing and looking at the stats. This helps us keep the game balanced. The following 6 players are having a change in card level:

  • Shadow: Superb –> Elite
  • Sharp Shooter: Good –> Superb
  • French Prince: Superb –> Elite
  • El Pipita: Elite –> Superb
  • Warrior: Elite –> Superb
  • Nino Maravilla: Superb –> Good

The following changes occur when a players card level changes:

  • Good to Superb loses 2 levels.
  • Superb to Good gain 2 levels.
  • Superb to Elite loses 3 levels.
  • Elite to Superb gains 3 levels.

Four New Legacy Cards

Four players have now become Legacy cards:

  • El Jefecito.
  • Raging Bull.
  • Armenian Archer.
  • Turkish Delight.

New Countries

Football Clash: All Stars has come to Southeast Asia! Those of you in that region will now be able to enter the Arena.


  • Multiple bugs that our community have reported from the Arena have been fixed.

Please leave your thoughts and feedback on the forums.

See you in the Arena!

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