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Up until now we have seen COMMON,SUPERB AND ELITE but what if we had special cards that were out in packs for a limited time... like league winning cards (ex: Chelsea) or record breakers, the card would be distinguished by a special color and different stats, by different stats i mean if a players total is stats are 126 , the special card would have 126 total with boosted attribute and a decreased one.


For example.... Chelsea wins the premier league..... Hazards card gets boosted dribbling and pace with decreased defending and strength and the card would be out for a week with an extreme rarity  1 in a 150


I think this would keep players comin back every week to see the new player and to get a chance of packing a special player

this would also make players feel special owning a card that is quite limited

I suggest making a special player always available in a league pack as it rewards league cooperation .


:) - KemoCono

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1 hour ago, Gorski said:

We are planning on introducing "Legend" cards to the game and I don't think they need any explanation...

Please don't be too OP..... I mean cards like Ronaldo can muscle off any defender and go into an instant acceleration

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