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Shooting Distance

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Among the things that most annoy me about shooting as it currently works, is that people who have a good internet connection and happen to be good at timing the movement of an arrow back and forth can regularly score from WELL outside normal shooting range, even against an excellent goalie. making the arrow move faster is NOT a reasonable solution to this - it just further advantages a skill that has no strategic value whatsoever.

in my view, this diminishes any sense of strategy in the game. i think that in order for games to be fair and slightly more realistic, goalies need to be much better at blocking shots from distance than shots from close-in. even against a lower-rated goaltender, NOBODY should be able to regularly score from almost half-field.


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Thank you for your feedback.  

This is known about and improvements are being made to the positioning and effectiveness of the goalkeeper in the next update which will be available soon, This should hopefully solve the issue you have raised.

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