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Remove inactive leagues

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So many leagues are completely dead, loads in the top 50 are dead. Our league just had to recreate a league that was in the Top 20 because our President just never played the game again and we were dead in the water when it came to scoring enough goals.

Right now I'm counting 15+/50 of the Top50 leagues in the world that are effectively dead with no active leader.

Can't imagine this looks good to new players, would love some sort of fix to this, thanks





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We have taken steps to attempt to remedy this. Removing many members who are clearly inactive. 

Further to this there will be periodic checks to judge activity levels based on the users last log on date. Unfortunately if a player plays regularly but is inactive within a League, this is up to the League President to resolve. 

We hope you have noticed an improvement in the League Leaderboards over the past week or so.

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