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Update Sneak Peeks

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Coming in the next update...

SNEAK PEEK #1 - Pack Opening!

  • New animations that add to the excitement of opening a player pack.


SNEAK PEEK #2 - Two New Cards!

  • New Good Card: The Don - an Attacking Midfielder.
  • New Good Card: The French Prince - a  Forward.


SNEAK PEEK #3 - Legacy Cards!

  • The Magic Dwarf & Architect are to become Legacy cards.


SNEAK PEEK #4 - Change in Player Levels!

  • Torpedo: Superb ---> Elite
  • Street Fighter: Superb ---> Good
  • Little Assasin: Superb ---> Good
  • Maestro: Good ---> Superb
  • Kannonball: Good ---> Superb
  • La Joya: Good ---> Superb

SNEAK PEEK #5 - Social!

  • View friends Profile.
  • Additional Invite Friends tools.

Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion.

See you in the Arena!

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