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Stuck at 50%

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We are sorry to hear you're having an issue with the game. 

If you can provide us with some more information we can look at fixing this for you as soon as possible.

Can you please tell us:

  •  The device/platform you are playing on
  • The device's OS.
  • Is the first time you have launched the app or do you have an account already, maybe installed on a different device using the same accounts ?
  • Username if you have one (You can DM me with the Username if you don't want to post it publicly)
  • And your Location (we are working with some regional publishers and may need to communicate with them to resolve issues)
  • Also is your device's CLOCK set to the correct time?

Thank you for reporting your issue to us.

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I am having the same problem always gets stuck at 50%.

It let me on first time round but then after that it stopped working for me. 

I am in the UK (Leicester)

Yes my clock is set correcting and I'm playing off an IOS device

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