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Hey Guys,

I am Kemo, Former number 1 player before Taking A Break.


I decided to hop back on SMA and push to 5k like I always used to do put then I realised a lot of stuff that should be addressed asap



Kante - After 2 seasons of consecutive success N'Golo Kante was named "POTY" but somehow in SMA HE IS GREEN, Now that is kind of unacceptable knowing that he is one of the best if not the best defensive midfielder in the world, Another thing is that without him IRL Chelsea lose their Defensive stability. KANTE SHOULD undoubtedly BE ELITE. The statistics are enough to upgrade him.


Azpilicueta - Considered the EPL most consistent and reliable defender, Azpi has deserved all the starts he has been getting and there is no hidden fact about it. The Defender is able to play in any position in the defensive line and has Pace, passing ability and strength. This season alone can prove his passing ability. Somehow SMA DOES NOT EVEN HAVE THE DEFENDER. I believe Azpi should be added as a Superb/Elite 


Otamendi - Otamendi Is a strong and physical presence in the Man City side and has one of the most successful defensive careers to ever step foot into the club, again SMA completly ignores this player and Prefers adding Kimmich!! WOW


Sterling - The pumping heart of man city and the reason the won many matches LAST MINUTE


Ederson - No Description needed after that derby


Mo SALAH - I need clear explanation to how this guy is not ELITE, Its not like he is having a dream season, Even in the  SerieA he was the only player to hit double figures on both goals and assists....This season....he is the PL top performer and qualified Egypt to a dramatic worl cup, Some how this man is Still a green, I start doubting is you guys even watch football sometimes 


Rashford - I can understand why he isnt in the the game yet but he deserves being in it


Lacazette - This Guy is an amazing talent and is Proving why he is always a game changer while on the pitch


The whole spurs backline - This defense includes some of the world's best defenders and yet non of them even made it to the game!


Jamie Vardy - Meh!


Great Prospects

Calwert Lewin

Loftus Cheek

Nathan Ake








Kane - This man is set to break english records and is rumored to go to REAL MADRID, Yet he is Superb!!!!!

 Icardi - No words can describe this man except, HOW IS HE NOT IN SMA


Ozil : i though he is only missing in real life but seems he is missing in the game files too!!


Rooney : To be fair this man deserves an upgrade



I only included the ones that will add variety into the game feel free to mention the ones you feel are forgotten or underrated.









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