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Tackle boost glitch

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BRAND: Apple

MODEL: IPad Air 2


VERSION: 11.2.5


Hey I’d like to report a glitch that has yet to be patched.

When in a match and for an example let’s just say my Ronaldo gets caught by a Vidal, or a Busquets or anyone disregarding quality of card, and they use the “tackle” BOOST even if my Ronaldo uses his “dribble” BOOST the tackler always wins. Just  before I used my full stamina Ronaldo to use his “dribble” BOOST (90+) and a Vidal that had two or three stamina used his “tackle” Boost (89)


Now I’ll tag a few other player that I know have had the same problem.


thank you for your time and I hope I’ve been clear, if not please reply and maybe one of the other players could be more of service.

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I've experienced the other way round.. Raequann originally pointed out that vidal tackle boost didn't work  against dribble boost and i thought that when i tried vidal

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Thanks for the report. 

The information provided is clear, and even affords the potential of direct reproduction. We will have a look at this and find the cause. 

One little bit of extra information, if you can provide it, was your dribble boost used to counter the tackle boost? Or had you attempted to use the dribble boost anyway?

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