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Update: New Tactics, New Formations, Player Attributes and More!

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Update-twitter.jpg Soccer Manager Arena is currently in Open Beta. During this phase of development numerous changes will be made to the game based on collated data as well as your feedback. You can expect a weekly update leading up to the full release of the game.

In this round of changes we're introducing new Formations, changing the Tactics page, and changing Player Attributes to name but a few:

The Arena

  • The match making process of finding an opponent to go head-to-head in the Arena has improved.
  • The number of points you are awarded or deducted for winning or losing in the Arena have been altered.
  • The graphics for a player's ability has been improved.
  • A goalkeeper now passes to a selected player.


  • Emotes stay at the end of a game. This will give you time to either congratulate or taunt your opponent.


  • New tactics page.
  • Two new formations have been introduced in 3-0-1 and 1-0-3.

Arena Levels

  • The number of Player XP as well as Credits and Cash that you could receive within a Player Pack is now displayed within the Arena list.
  • All Player Cards that you unlock for each respective Arena are now displayed.

Player Cards

  • The Player Cards that you unlock in each Arena have been re-ordered.
  • We have amended Attributes so that there is a greater difference between player Levels.


  • Multiple bugs that our community have reported from the Arena have been fixed.

Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion.

See you in the Arena!

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