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Update: Special Offers, Player Pack Opening, Tactics and Social

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Soccer Manager Arena is currently in Open Beta. During this phase of development numerous changes will be made to the game based on collated data as well as your feedback. You can expect regular updates leading up to the full release of the game.

In this round of changes we’re introducing new Formations, changing the Tactics page, and changing Player Attributes to name but a few:

Special Offers

  • Everyone loves a deal! There are now Arena specific Special Offers available within the Shop. So pay it a visit and grab yourself a bargain!

Player Pack Opening

  • New animations have been added when opening Player Packs.
  • A contents summary is now displayed after the final card.


  • We’ve made it easier to select your team for the Arena, as you can now drag and drop Player Cards on both the pitch view and squad list.


  • Everyone always likes getting one over their friends. So now you can use the Facebook ‘CONNECT’ button within the Friends tab of the Social page to hook up with Facebook. You will then be connected with your Facebook account and it will show all of your friends who are currently playing the game in a Leadboard format. You can also invite your friends to come and join you!


  • Multiple bugs that our community have reported from the Arena have been fixed.

Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion.

See you in the Arena!


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