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Sean (SM Support)

Update: New UI, New Player Cards, Matchday Improvements & More!

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Coming in the next update for Football Clash: All Stars...


We have made improvements to both the matchday and UI as well as adding two new cards.


New UI:

A lick of paint which can't be missed!


Two New Player Cards:

You may recognise one legendary player, who will appear in arena 6. He enjoyed the right flank a lot and was known for his dribbling ability. We also have a new Sharp Shooter winger, who will show up in arena 2.




Player Cards & Player Packs:

After much consideration we have decided to;

1) Reduce the time it takes to unlock a player pack 

2) Reduced the cost to upgrade player cards 

3) and we're reducing the cost it takes to purchase Player Packs from the shop 




Matchday Improvements:

Huge changes to the matchday experience for that added element of strategy. This will take the form of energy, in which players will have 5 bars of fitness. Players will lose 1 fitness bar each match, but this will only apply to matches where you win trophies, so excluding tournaments and training...


Based on feedback from our community, we have added 3 slots on Tactics so now you can save a variety of formations and tactics.




Change in Player Levels:


The way we approach a change in player levels is a combination of listening to our community, testing and looking at the stats. This helps us keep the game balanced. The following 8 players are having a change in card level;

  • Monster: Elite —> Superb
  • Illusionist: Elite —> Superb
  • La Jirafa: Superb —> Elite
  • Little Prince: Superb —> Good
  • Flying Pharaoh: Superb —> Elite
  • Le Boss: Superb —> Good
  • Shadow: Good —> Superb
  • French Prince: Good —> Superb

The following changes occur when a players card level changes;

  • Good to Superb loses 2 levels.
  • Superb to Good gain 2 levels.
  • Superb to Elite loses 3 levels.
  • Elite to Superb gains 3 levels.


For detailed information on the above changes please check out our blog page at footballclash.com/blog

Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion.

See you in the Arena!

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