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Update: New Matchday, Player Roles, League Packs and More

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Soccer Manager Arena is currently in Open Beta. During this phase of development numerous changes will be made to the game based on collated data as well as your feedback. You can expect regular updates leading up to the full release of the game.

In this round of changes we've made several changes to the matchday experience, added Player Roles and introduced League Packs to name but a few:

The Arena

  • We have made several changes to the matchday experience to add an element of strategy to it and make player attributes and special abilities more prominent. We highly recommend replaying the tutorial and also read a more in-depth article here. This is because the buttons have been removed and it is now all touch a player to pass, touch their player to tackle etc.
  • A new matchmaking process has been introduced making faster and cleaner connections.
  • Every Player Card has now been allocated a specific role within the Arena. This will give you more to think about when selecting your players and tactics prior to entering the Arena! Read about the player roles here.


  • Clubs have been renamed to Leagues.
  • A new reward pack, League Pack, has been introduced. The new League Pack is a shared Goal Pack which the entire League can contribute Goals to.


  • Three filters have been added to the Tactics page. These filters will make it easier for you to manage your Player Card collection as well as selecting your team for the Arena. Read about Player Card Filters here.


  • Relive your greatest victories in the Arena by watching Replays. Want your teammates to bask in your glory? Then share your Replay with your League.
  • Visit Match Replays to view others Clubs games from the Arena.

Season Trophies

  • Every Monday Clubs above 4000 Trophies will be reset to 4000 and all deducted Trophies will be awarded as pernament Season Trophies within their Profile.


  • Multiple bugs that our community have reported from the Arena have been fixed.

Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion.

 See you in the Arena!
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