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The Arena Matchday Experience

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The new match engine has introduced Resolution Points into the game. These are points in a match when critical actions take place and will require additional user input to affect the outcome of the event. Abilities can be used to influence each Resolution Point to increase the chances of the outcome being in your favour, if you have the right players.


There are two ways to pass. To pass to a team-mate tap on the player you want to pass the ball to. Your player will then attempt to pass the ball to them. To pass into space, swipe the player who has the ball in the direction you want them to pass. Your player will then attempt to pass the ball into the available space.


When triggered, the shooting range will display and you will have a limited time to stop the arrow on the 'sweet spot' for the perfect strike! The green zones represent the 'sweet spot'.

Press the Shoot button to stop the arrow. Where the arrow is stopped is where the shot will aim and indicate how powerful the shot is. Although the range is dynamic and will be influenced by factors in the game so every attempt at goal will be different.


There is a limited time to take your shot, the countdown showing as a reducing highlight around the Shoot button. Once expired the player will take the shot automatically. The speed the arrow moves will be influenced by the pressure the shot taker is under from the opposition players. Players with better shooting skills will have bigger 'sweet spot' and have more powerful shots even if you don't quite hit the 'sweet spot'.

Shot mode can be triggered by:


Swipe from the player in possession of the ball through the goal when in the opposition half.

  • Shooting abilities will still display and can be triggered on the fly, if you find you have the time.
  • The ability could be wasted if you misjudge the decision.


Ability Shots are triggered by tapping the ability option in the bottom left of the screen. Available abilities will show when the player is in possession of the ball in the opposition half.

  • Shooting abilities can be used to perform shots with additional power and accuracy
  • Makes it much more difficult for the opposition keeper to save.

Shooting Abilities available:

  • Power Shot
  • Rocket Shot
  • Accurate Shot


Shots can be blocked by defenders who stand between the striker and the goal. And pressure can be put on the shot taker by getting defenders close. Once your opponent has triggered shot mode you will see a timer in the top right and an arrow swinging at the strikers feet. As the defending team you will be put in control of the Goalkeeper which will allow you to use the Goalkeeping Abilities if they have them.


Goalkeeping Abilities available:

  • Goalkeeper Boost
  • Charge


Challenge Mode can be triggered anywhere on the pitch, instigated by the defensive team. Tap on the opposition player you want to tackle and when your player gets within tackling distance to the player in possession of the ball, a Challenge Mode will start.


The Challenge Mode bar will display showing a number on either side. This is the combined value of the player stats that influence a player's ability to win a Challenge.  It's a race to the middle, the speed the bar fills is dependent on the value shown for the player - the higher the value the faster the fill rate. Abilities can be used to boost the total value and tilt the outcome in your favour.

As a Defender initiating Challenge Mode:

Player Stats used to calculate Challenge score:

  • Tackling
  • Strength

Abilities available:

  • Tackle Boost
  • Strength

As the player in possession:

Player Stats used to calculate Challenge score:

  • Dribbling
  • Strength

Abilities available:

  • Dribble Boost
  • Strength

Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion.

 See you in the Arena!
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