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Sean (SM Support)

Update: Divisions, Manager Cards

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In the latest update to Football Clash: All Stars we have introduced Divisions, Manager Cards and Goal Replays.


A new Division system has been introduced that allows you to compete on a weekly basis with Clubs from all over the world:

  • There are 13 different Divisions, with each one containing up to 100 Clubs.
  • Every Club starts in the bottom Division.
  • A Division season lasts 7 days.
  • The number of Trophies won during the season will determine a Club’s standing.
  • At the end of a season Clubs will receive rewards based on their position.
  • Clubs can either be promoted or relegated to the next tier Division.



Manager Cards

Attribute Boost has been removed and replaced with Manager Cards. This gives Managers greater tactical flexibility:

  • There are 2 types of card available, Manager and Equipment.
    • Manager – boost all players in your Squad or Tactical elements.
    • Equipment – boost specific players adjusting single attributes.
  • Manager Cards can be unlocked through Player Packs.
  • The quality of the Manager Card will be tied to Manager Level.
  • A Manager will start with one card slot. As they increase their Manager Level they’ll unlock more slots up to a maximum of 3.
  • Each Manager will have a card inventory of 15 slots.
  • A Manager Card can be used up to 3 times dependent on the type of card.


Hope you all have fun with our new additions!!


See you on the pitch ? 



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